Meet Monona Grove School Board President Andrew McKinney

By Friends of Andrew McKinney December 13, 2020


Monona Grove School Board President Andrew McKinney

Andrew McKinney has devoted his life to serving those in his community. He currently serves as President of the Monona Grove School Board. As a young man, his passion for service led him to join the US military to serve our Country and protect its honor. His experience in the military gave him the drive to give back to the communities he’s lived in. McKinney understands that a community that comes together is a community that excels. In addition to serving on the Monona Grove School Board, he has served on the Dane County Credit Union Board and the Betterment of the People of Wisconsin Board. McKinney is a current member of American Legion Post 248 in Cottage Grove and VFW Post 7591 in Madison. He continues to advocate for Veterans.

Originally from Gary, Indiana, McKinney grew up in poverty. His mother and two siblings lived from place to place, oftentimes homeless. He experienced poverty and crime since his environment was surrounded by hardship. After surviving a drive by shooting, his mother moved their family to Madison in 1985. Starting life all over, McKinney would later finish high school at East Madison High where he found a love in sports. During his time there he experienced racism as he went from a 98% black student body to a 97% white student body in Madison but he chose to take the positive route and be a part of positive change.

"Serving as School Board President has been one of the most rewarding experiences in my life. I believe when we work together, we can achieve anything. No doubt there’s still a lot we need to do such as taking care of our teachers and giving them fair wages, new schools, renovations but I intend to be a part of the positive change. I want all the parents to know I am listening." --Andrew McKinney